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To each surface its own wheel
01 Sep 2022

It’s every skater’s dilemma: “which wheels should I use?”
Indoor, outdoor, or to choose the perfect wheel.
Wheels differ in diameter, thickness and above all hardness, which is measured in “Shore A”.
The softest outdoor wheels are rated 78A for hardness. They’re very soft, and this helps to lessen the disturbance caused by small stones or imperfections on the skating surface, and the wheels themselves look very rubbery.
For indoor wheels, the higher the number (88A), the harder the wheel is. To have greater grip on slippery surfaces, wheels with higher Shore values are better, while a hardness level of 90-95A delivers greater speed on super grippy floors.
Apart from the general hardness recommendations, wheel choice is quite subjective, and varies according to body weight, the needs of the game, and personal preferences for floor grip. It's quite common to see skaters running two sets of wheels with differing hardness levels mixed together on the same skate to achieve just the right amount of grip for specific stunts. So just try them and find the setup that works best for you!