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Laces: different systems for different fits
15 Sep 2022

Your Hypnos have arrived home: you fix the plates, check the wheels and bearings, you’re about to slip them on… but what about the laces?
Ever wondered about the different lacing systems and if they impact the way you skate?! The answer’s yes! There are many ways to lace up skates, and it doesn’t just come down to the look: it’s about adapting the boot to different foot shapes to improve fit comfort and gain greater control and reactivity when doing moves whilst at the same time maintaining maximum comfort.
We’ll describe three distinct methods: the first is ideal for those with narrower feet. It gives greater control between foot and skate and prevents heel slippage. The second method relieves pressure on the instep while maintaining perfect skate control. The third method prevents the foot sliding forward which can cause “toe bash” and problems for the big toe and toenails.