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Hypno team 2021/2022
01 Oct 2021

13 athletes from different Italian teams: jammers, pivots, blockers all raring to go and ready to don the Hypno jersey and skates for the 2021/2022 sports season. We saw Anek, a multi-talented member of the Anguanas team, whizzing around and switching roles with ease, creating problems for the opposition whether jamming or blocking; Deadly Bet and Kill B, derby moms with a passion for roller disco...spend enough time in Milan and you’ll see them dancing and jumping through the city streets; B-Livid and Bloody Vipers who’ve recently joined the derby moms team; Quick Quad Quack – the “fastest feet in the west” – who runs rings around the opponent's wall with her outstanding agility and speed; Elo C Raptor, veteran and godmother of the Italian derby scene; Goofy and Fisioterrorist, one an impregnable jammer, the other a tireless blocker; Italy, who earned her derby name while playing abroad and decided to keep it when she returned to Italy; La Smash, a determined blocker with an uncanny knack of predicting the moves of the jammer; versatile Maki Maniac who can play any role and is also often on loan around Italy; and finally Holly Hazard, cornerstone of her wall at the most chaotic moments. Each has their own distinctive game style, but all are united in their shared aim: to do their best – but above all have fun!