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The Eos model is crafted from synthetic leather, Nyx is a combination of real leather sole and synthetic leather boot, and Hyperion is 100% real leather.

All models have bycast leather reinforcement on the toe. This ensures greater abrasion resistance and increases the skates’ longevity, as this area receives most wear and tear from contact with playing/skating surfaces.

Eos is available in the widest range of sizes, from 30 to 47. Our other models are available in sizes from 36 to 47.

There is a special fitting guide beneath each product description to help you to choose the correct boot size based on your foot measurements.

If you’re uncertain which size is right for you, our staff can help you choose.

Complete skates are an excellent choice for novice and intermediate skaters, while boots are a better choice for more experienced athletes as they allow them to customize their set up to meet their playing style, their specific skating needs and ensure superior performance.