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PETR'HELL'A | Alp'n Rockets RollerDerby

Alp'n Rockets RollerDerby
Since I was a child I practiced sport. All kind of sports: karate, volleyball, skiing, athletics, snowboard, tennis, ... And my two older brothers trained me hard to become a strong female. We always fought together and challenged to push to the limit and to go through difficulties: a lot of hours spent training under the sun, skiing with the worst weather and technical condition, running for few metres more than the real competing lenght... All strategies to improve physical and mental resistance.

Than during a period of changing, I was searching for something new and different from all others sports; something that really shows that strong little girl, now grown up.

I discovered Roller Derby and my team on Fb: 7 days were enough to try quads, have fun and parties with my team, watch a RD match, being the track monkey at an RD event and buy my first quad!

It was immediately love!

Finally a sport where strength and femininity play together!