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ANN Atomic Bomb | The Anguanas- Vicenza Roller Derby

ANN Atomic Bomb #182
The Anguanas- Vicenza Roller Derby
I started to play roller derby in 2013, in Vicenza. I would have started earlier but there wasn't a roller derby team where I lived. I am originally from California, USA, but moved to Italy in 2002.

I have done every single sport imaginable: swimming, dance, baseball, basketball, badminton, and mostly soccer, but nothing brought me joy the way roller derby does. It is the right amount aggressiveness and physicality mixed with teamwork and strategy.

It is a very Dynamic sport, offense and defense are played at the same time so you have to be fast and ready for anything.

The roller derby community is one of the most inclusive sports communities in the world. Where ever you go in the world you are always welcome and make friends right a way. All because it's roller derby.